Will you help us?


Wholesome Community Ministries, Inc.

A non-profit providing health and educational services to low-income Hispanic and African American Families in rural Hillsborough County for nearly ten years urgently needs your help!

It is a time-sensitive opportunity for this 501-C-3 nonprofit in Wimauma, Florida. After nearly ten years in operation, it is nearing a critical turning point with land developers looming large to take ownership of its building—a 10,000 square foot facility on ten acres—it has called home for six of its ten years in operation. Development along this stretch of Highway 301—in a rural part of Hillsborough County known to many migrant farm families as well as hard working low- to moderate-income Hispanic and Black families for its affordability—is inevitable. Yet, Wholesome Community Ministries has been a landmark at this location for six years. The building and this agency at 16110 Highway 301 South is also a trusted and centralized community hub as utilized often by elected officials, government agencies, law enforcement, and health providers among others when there is a large forum or public hearing for residents in Wimauma and the surrounding communities. It’s a trusted, safe, and caring organization.

 If the funds are not raised in 45-days to provide the bridge loan matching amount of $235,000, Wholesome Community Ministries will be unable to buy the building and the developers will prevail. Not only that, but this nonprofit will lose valuable time and money in a rebuilding effort because of the loss of its operational and programmatic facility. This building was the original spot for La Esperanza Clinic—a partnership with Catholic Charities and St. Joseph’s Hospital. When the land purchase came up for consideration, this clinic needed a location that wasn’t at risk of buyout by developers as the Wholesome building is at present. It has cost this agency dearly to have this unsettled issue of land and building ownership. Some funders who support programming and some partners are waiting to engage until there is proof of ownership by Wholesome. Who can blame them?

 A new clinic, with an emphasis on mental health and personalized bi-lingual health coaches, given Wholesome Community Ministries’ executive director and pastor’s background as a Faith Community Nurse by trade, will be rebuilt at this location pending the purchase. Already, Wholesome has partnered with a national best practice model provider known as the Empowering community Healthcare Outreach (ECHO) whose prime function is to plant church-based health facilities throughout the nation. This initiative and others have been put on hold while this nonprofit agency focuses on finding the funding to make its location permanent.

 The time is now. Forty-five days, with an extension of 30 days already provided, is the only time Wholesome Community Ministries has remaining to raise the needed $235,000 as the bridge funding to secure its loan. The time is now for another reason. The seller is motivated. The property—including the 10,000 square foot building, 10 acres, and a residence onsite that will be rented and will serve as nonprofit income toward the loan—is valued at $1.5 million. The owner will sell to Wholesome Community Ministries for $735,000. It’s an extraordinary opportunity that can go one of two ways in the end.

 Wholesome Community Ministries is counting on you and your desire to partner in this project to help secure the “dome” as this building is known in South Hillsborough County among Hispanics and Blacks who frequent its programs, ministries, and town hall style educational forums.

 Please consider a generous donation to make this dream a reality. Your donation will serve as a challenge to encourage others to do the same. Any additional funds raised will go toward the debt reduction of the mortgage and all contributors will be notified and thanked through a cornerstone added to the building.

Faithfully and Prayerfully Yours,

 Pastor Carlos Irizarry